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Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1024
Bishop, CA 93515

B.A.R.C. Meetings:

7:00 pm
Second Tuesday
of every month

Nightly Net:

7:30 p.m.
(PL 103.5)
(PL 103.5)
(PL 100.0)

If repeaters are down use the BARC EmComm 146.46 simplex

License Exams:

Feb 4 ,2023
May 6, 2023
Aug 5, 2023
Nov 4, 2023

License exams begin at 12:00 Noon at the Bishop Salvation Army.

For license exams on other dates please contact B.A.R.C.

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The Bishop Amateur Radio Club

Welcome to the World of Amateur Radio

        The Bishop Amateur Radio Club welcomes you to the world of Ham Radio. We are located in the Owens Valley between the Eastern Sierra and White Mountains. Our repeater (146.940- with a 103.5 pl) is located in the White Mountains at an elevation of over 10,000 feet.

        Ham radio is one of the most exciting, friendly, useful, educational and high-tech hobbies around. Hams include a diverse group of people around the world, engineers, scientists, doctors, astronauts, students, teachers, boaters, pilots, retirees and famous celebrities. You never know who you're going to talk to "on the air" next.

        Ham Radio is a federally licensed and administrated radio service. You will study for and take exams to acquire your operating license. After successfully passing your exams you will be assigned a call sign. Anyone, regardless of age, gender or physical ability can get a license. Once licensed, Ham Radio Operators use their radio stations (including two-way radios, computers, antennas, satellites and other equipment) to make contacts around the world from their homes, cars, boats and planes. The following are some of the things you can do with Ham Radio:

● Make Contacts Around the World
● Use Small HT's for Local Communications
● Make Free & Unlimited Wireless Phone Calls
● Use Your Computer for Wireless Connectivity
● Design, Construct, Modify, Radios & Antennas
● Provide Communications for Public Events
● Contact the Space Shuttle Astronauts
● Make Contacts Via Satellites
● Bounce Signals Off The Moon for Contacts
● Provide Emergency Communications

      Monthly Meetings...  B.A.R.C. meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. Our meetings are held at the Bishop Salvation Army located at 621 W. Line St., Bishop, California. You do not have to be a member to attend. Guests and visitors are welcome and invited to attend our meetings.

      Nightly VHF Net...  The Bishop Amateur Radio Club's Net meets nightly on 146.940- with a PL of 103.5 and net starts at 7:30 pm. This is an open net and Visitors to the area are invited and encouraged to participate. Club membership is not required to participate, but you must be a licensed amateur radio operator.

      Membership...  Membership in the Bishop Amateur Radio Club is open to all interested persons who want to help promote Amateur Radio. Membership dues for 2019 are $30.00 dollars per year for an individual and $35.00 per Family. Membership dues are due annually in January. You do not have to be a licensed amateur to be a member of B.A.R.C. If you would like to join our club or renew your membership, please send your check to B.A.R.C, P.O. Box 1024, Bishop, Ca 93515-1024 or see us at our next meeting. For your convenience you can Click Here for a printable B.A.R.C. Membership Form. This form can also be used to update your B.A.R.C. membership information.

      B.A.R.C. Roster...  If you are a B.A.R.C. member and you want a copy of the B.A.R.C. Roster, please send an e-mail by clicking "here" and we will forward a copy to you. Please note that you must be a current B.A.R.C member to receive the B.A.R.C. Roster.

      The DIY Magic of Amateur Radio in HD, 8 minute Youtube Video...  Very interesting video submitted by John Shepherd, AD6NR. Click here to view the video.

2023 B.A.R.C Officers

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Bill Chezum
President: W6WWY
Bill Chezum
Jon Patzer
Vice President: NW6C
Jon Patzer
Secretary: W6RT
Noam Shendar

Treasurer: K6UN
Terry Fenske

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